• Made To Complement Your Skincare

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Made To Complement Your Skincare

Natural Beauty - It's The Glow For Me

In My Skin - Glow Every Day, All Day, All Year Round Turmeric Infused

Why Choose Us?

BTS- Cleaning Beauty Blenders

Our Commitment

What we want for you is what we want for ourselves. We are firm on never compromising on the quality/sourcing of our ingredients and our products' performance.

Why should you clean your makeup brush?

Our Philosophy

To bring a growing yet cohesive product line to the marketplace that's a delicate balance between nature and science. The owner was firm on her approach during its development by choosing only to include ingredients based solely on safety, functionality, environmental impact, and not fear. As a certified Natural Cosmetic Formulator, she has accomplished this through intensive research, testing her findings for compatibility/effectiveness, and consulting with a Cosmetic Chemist to bring you the best of both worlds; because she believes you deserve the best and only the best. We stand firmly by this practical application to formulating all our products because it's true to who we are. Here at Mel Made, we believe that - happy skin and clean brushes lead to flawless makeup applications!

Environmental Impact

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Glazed Skin Barrier Restore Balm

Are you looking for the perfect non-petrochemical alternative to petrolatum? - Meet Glazed (Skin Barrier Restore Balm). Great for slugging and tackling dry winter skin. Call it slugging with a purpose. Why? It is loaded with skin-loving nutrient properties.

What is slugging?
It is the practice of applying an occlusive like petroleum jelly over the face to prevent water loss (AKA TEWL). Put simply it locks in hydration. 🗣Winter dry cracked skin...where?

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Glazed Skin Barrier Restore Balm

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Our Strategy

To stay ahead of the market curve, stay innovative, stay creative, stay fresh, and stay original.

Cleanliness Is Flawlessness ™

Oh hey! Glad you made it this far; we are happy you stop by and would love it if you choose us as your shopping partner. Our motto is something that we do not take lightly, and we are excited that you share the same value.

Thank you so much for your support and happy shopping!


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