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Self-Care Sunday Soy Wax Handmade Candle

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Believe or not I came into the handmade space making candles a few years ago. I have always had this great affinity towards candle burning and candle making. It has been my hope to reshare this love with you and what better way than creating a candle line specifically for self-care Sunday. Self-care is focus on relaxing, resetting, rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. We are taking Self-Care Sunday to whole new heights. It only make scents.

Soy Candle Profile:

Wax Type: Natural Soy Wax

Wick Type: Eco Cotton Wick

Fragrance Notes:

Phthalate Free

Top: Mandarin, Lemon

Middle: Bergamot, Ginger

Base: Jasmine, White Tea

Burn Time (Approximate):
8 oz. - 40 to 60 hrs.

Weights & Dimensions:
8 oz. - 3.0" W x 3.50" H

Room Suggestions by Size (For Optimum Performance):
8 oz. - Kitchen, Bedroom, Laundry Room & Bathroom

The Benefits of Soy Candles:
• Long Burn Time
• Soy Burns Cleaner - Produces Little To No Soot
• Renewable and Sustainable Source
• Biodegradable - Easily Clean If Spilled
• Supports U.S. Farmers
• Perfect For Burning During Meals
• Provides gradual release of both hot and cold fragrance throw
• It is not irritating to nose, eyes and throat

Soy Candles As Gift Ideas:
Our soy candles makes for great gift giving ideas. Below are a few ideas for showing your love one how much you feel about them. Enjoy!
1.) Housewarming Gifts
2.) Corporate Gifts
3.) Wedding Party Gifts
4.) Holiday Gifts
5.) Spa Gift Basket
6.) Birthday Gift
7.) Anniversary Gift
8.) Mother’s Day Gift
9.) Father’s Day Gift
10.) Thank You Gift
11.) Sympathy Gift
12.) Thinking of you Gift

Burning Instructions: Trim wick 1/4 inch before burning. Do not burn for more than 3 to 4 hrs at a time. Remove all debris from candle bed. Before relighting your candle always remove wood ash from wooden wick (if it is a wooden wicked candle). Keep candles away from children and pets. A little precaution goes a long way keep candle on safe fire resistant surface and remove anything that can catch flames while burning. See candle burning instruction on bottom of each candle for more detail instructions.

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