How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Makeup Brush Deep Cleaning Method

1.) Wet bristles with lukewarm tap water to loosen build-up.

2.) Add shampoo to a small bowl with water. Next, swish and swirl brush into the mixture.

3.) Then swirl and swipe bristles onto the cleansing mat, working up a nice cleansing lather.

4.) Rinse until water runs clear. Spot-check and repeat if necessary.

5.) Gently massage makeup brush conditioner into the delicate fibers and let it sit for few minutes.

6.) Once makeup bristles are softened, rinse until water runs clear.

7.). Squeeze excess liquid out, then shape makeup brushes back to their original design.

8.) Add makeup brush protective sleeve to prevent splaying/also helps to preserve the integrity of your tools.

9.) Lastly, allow makeup brushes to dry in a tilted position. Note: please make sure air can circulate the brush head to speed drying time.


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